Why Black Friday is terrible, and we won't be taking part

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 It's estimated that over 164 million people plan to shop the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales, with the bulk of these purchases being tech, toys and fashion. Tech and toys are a huge plastic issue, and have short lifespans (usually just a year or two) before they are discarded to landfill. Electronic waste can be very toxic, releasing lead and mercury into the soil. 
Fashion, being the 2nd most polluting industry in the world after oil, certainly is a huge environmental issue even without the added consumption during Black Friday sales. 
Aside from the disturbing environmental impact, the economic effect is detrimental also. This kind of regular, store-wide discounting destroys the normal pricing cycle retailers rely on to make a reasonable profit to support their businesses and families, and it promotes a culture of the consumer never wanting to pay full price - meaning less dollars going back into the economy and small business taking huge hits to compete with the big guys. 
At BaseBorn, all pieces are handcrafted to order, by my own hands, with an emphasis on sustainable and ethical practise. The time, expertise, craftsmanship, care and dedication that goes into every piece is something that simply can’t and shouldn’t be put on sale.
Craftspeople and small business owners should not be pressured to devalue their art and their time to compete with multi-million dollar companies who mark up their stock so much that they can still make a profit at 70% off. 
SHOP SMALL THIS WEEKEND! Invest in your local economy and make someone's day. 


To celebrate #GREENFRIDAY & #shopsmallsaturday - instead of crazy discounts, if you spend over $75 at wearebaseborn.com you can choose a FREE gift from the "UNDER $50" collection. Just add it to the cart and the offer will appear in the checkout. I'll also upgrade that order to Express Post for free!
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Thanks for your support, dear friends!
Beck xoxo