base born (definition) : 1.  of humble birth or origin
BaseBorn is a small range of modern and minimal yet subtly statement-making jewellery hand made by its designer Rebecca Kammer in her studio in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. 
Rebecca has a degree in Visual Arts, from Adelaide College of the Arts, where she trained as a photographic artist. After several years of working in this field, she found herself yearning for the unique satisfaction that comes of creating a physical item with her hands, working with tools and fire to transform base materials into a thing of beauty. 
This drive led her to undertake training in jewellery making, metal work and stone setting. 
Upon completion, she launched BaseBorn : a collection of simple yet striking pieces designed for every day wear, to enhance an otherwise simple or minimal outfit with adornment that invites a second glance...
All pieces are hand made and use recycled materials where possible. BaseBorn is passionate about avoiding waste and producing as sustainably as possible.
Base Born Jewellery maker - Rebecca Kammer