Some tips to keep your new jewellery looking #thegoods:

  • Avoid exposing to oils, perfumes, aerosols and cosmetics
  • Avoid wearing while bathing, swimming or cleaning
  • Avoid exposing gemstones to saltwater
  • Store jewellery in a pouch to minimise tarnishing due to exposure to air and moisture
  • Clean gently with soapy water, polish lightly with a soft, lint-free cloth
  • Gold Plated items may fade over time with wear, if your items need re-plating please contact us!

Fine/Delicate Rings : 

Super fine rings can be bent out of shape with wear if you do things like lift heavy objects, we are happy to reshape your ring for free if you find it has gone a bit wobbly! 

Matte Finishes: 

Matte finishes, unfortunately, are not particularly long lasting. With normal wear a matte finish item will most likely eventually become shiny, as contact with hard surfaces will burnish or rub out the tiny scratches in the surface of the metal that make it matte. We can re-mattify your piece for a small charge, just make contact via the website. 

Polished finish:

Wearing your piece all the time (which we hope you do) will inevitably mean that the beautiful mirror shine your piece arrive will may eventually dull and get scratched. We are happy to re-polish items for a small fee, just contact us via the website.